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The most important information for your dream vacation in South Tyrol

Check-in and check-out
Your room is available starting from 14:00 on check-in day. We ask that you vacate your room by 10:00 on check-out day. Please check in by 19:00. If this is not possible, we request that you inform us by telephone. Please note: Wednesday is our day off, so arrivals on Wednesdays are only possible starting from 18:00. To avoid longer wait times on check-out day, please settle all incidental costs on the evening before your check-out day. Thank you for your understanding.

It’s about 9.5 km from St. Lorenzen to our hotel in Ellen/St. Lorenzen.

Important note: Please pay attention to the signs from Montal to Ellen (5.5 km). Don’t trust your GPS for the last few kilometres. There are two roads that lead to our hotel: a better one and a worse one. In Montal, just turn right 50 m before the church, then turn left after 1 kilometre, then follow the road for 4.5 km and turn left again. Continue for 500 m and you’ll reach your destination. Welcome to the Häusler Mountain Hotel!

Room numbers

Unfortunately, it’s not always possible for us to promise you the floor, location, and room number within a specific category.

Children’s discount
Only applies to 2 full-paying guests and accommodation in their parents’ room.

Please understand that your four-legged friends are not allowed in the new dining room and buffet room. No pets are allowed in the Superior room type, but they are allowed in the other room categories. Pets are permitted upon consultation in the bar area, the old room, and the pine room. We charge  € 15,00 per day (without food) and ask that you bring your own blanket and cage.

Non-smoking hotel
Smoking is not permitted in all rooms and in all public spaces. However, you may smoke outside.

Your booking is considered binding as soon as you have received a written confirmation from us via email, or mail.

Day off
Wednesday is our day off, so arrivals are only possible after 17:30 on Wednesdays. Our operation is closed from 10:00 to 18:00 on this day, but we are available again for you in the evening as usual. Please make sure you take your room key with you, as the key to the main door is attached to it, so you can access the hotel and your room at any time.

Payment methods
Cash payments are possible up to € 1.999,00 €. You can also pay your bill with Visa, MasterCard, or EC Card. We do not accept American Express, Diners Club, and other cards.

Your reservation is binding upon receipt of a deposit in the amount of € 100,00 per room. In case of cancellation, non-arrival, early departure, or non-consumption of ordered food/beverages, the deposit will be held as compensation.

Cancellation policy

Cancellations and modifications can be made to the booked holiday period for free up to 21 days before the holiday start date.

  • Cancellations between 8 and 20 days before the holiday start date will be charged 60% of the total booking price.
  • Cancellations less than 7 days before the holiday start date will be charged 70% of the total booking price.
  • In case of late arrival, non-arrival, or early departure, 100% of the total booking price will be charged.

Bank details

Raiffeisenkasse Bruneck, Filiale St.Lorenzen

Werner Oberhammer
Gasthof Häusler
Ellen 12
I-39030 St. Lorenzen

IBAN: IT 47 K 08035 58820 00030 1022504

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